Prayer for July 28

Prayer for July 28: Please pray with me.  God of silence, today we ask for a moment of silence.  We live in a world of constant noise and distraction.  Silence, when we experience it, often feels unnatural.  Yet, it is really often the only thing that makes much sense.  Silence our minds and hearts today Lord, even if only for a moment in time.  Silence our technology and gadgets.  In the space of that moment of silence, open our hearts, our ears, and our eyes to hear and see you – to hear your calling for us and to see how you encounter us.  And in hearing and seeing you and your call, open our hearts to being changed by you.  Then, prepare us to re-enter the noise and distraction – renewed, refreshed, and ready to go.  Ready to touch lives, to share good news, to carry out your call for us in this world.  Amen.

Prayer for July 27

Prayer for July 27: Please pray with me. God of creation, you call on us to be stewards of your creation – to care for it.  Help us to see that creation is yours.  Help us to learn ways to care for creation and to see that this is reasonable.  Open our eyes to see that in caring for your creation, we aren’t being extremists trying to get some kind of partisan political points, but instead, we are actually participating in the unfolding of the kingdom of God.  In Revelation 21 we hear how you will come down to earth to dwell with us here and renew and restore creation.  You love your creation.  Help us to be good stewards, not because it drives some kind of agenda, but instead because we aren’t escaping this place – you aren’t whisking us away and then destroying the earth.  Instead, you are restoring it and us too.  Let us participate in that restoration.  Amen.

Prayer for July 26

Prayer for July 26: Please pray with me. God of humility, you know what humility is, far more than we can ever imagine.  For Christians, we believe that you humbled yourself in taking on human form.  Not only that, but you humbled yourself to the point of death – a humiliating death of crucifixion.  And you did that for us.  Help those who struggle with humility and too often give in to their own ego and sense of importance.  Help us to know that we are but small specks that are here one day and gone the next and that we will be forgotten in the ashes of history.  But you will not forget us.  Help us to be humble today and each day.  Amen.


Prayer for July 25

Prayer for July 25: Please pray with me. God of those who suffer, you know what suffering is – you took suffering all the way to death and beyond.  You accompany those who suffer so they are not alone. Make your presence known.  Be with medical professionals who treat physical, mental, and emotional suffering.  Don’t just take the suffering away – but move people to wholeness and wellness in whatever form that may take.  Help us to also see that we are blessed for each day of life that we have.  Help us to be a blessing for others.  Amen.

Prayer for July 24

Prayer for July 24: Please pray with me. God of the unexpected, today we ask that you surprise us.  Open our eyes to see and our ears to hear your Word anew.  Help us to hear your word of grace and love for those around us – friend and foe.  Help us to see the humanity of those around us.  Remind us that our job is not to judge and force others to be like us and adopt our version of “right.” Instead our job is to respond to the grace and love you give us by being wheat in the midst of weeds – to live differently, to proactively live out the kingdom, to forgive, to love, to care, to be peacemakers. Amen

Prayer for July 21

Prayer for July 21: Please pray with me. Infinite God who never ends, today we pray for all in need – need of resources, need of health, need of food and water, need of medication, need of company, need of work, need of relationship, need of repair, need of money, need of cool, need of warmth, need of shelter.  There are so many needs Lord – sometimes it feels so overwhelming and exhausting.  Provide for those in need.  Give courage and strength to those to can provide so they don’t wear out.  Help us to use the resources you have entrusted us with for your glory and to assist those in need.  Amen.

Prayer for July 20

Prayer for July 20: Please pray with me. God who serves, teach us to serve humbly. You serve us through salvation – giving us something we don’t deserve.  Yet this is what love is all about.  Teach us to appreciate this gift and use it to serve those around us.  Amen.