Prayer for December 14

Prayer for December 14: Please pray with me.  God of wisdom, you tell us a great deal.  If only we would listen. How many times must we make the same mistake?  How many times must we ignore or reject you and your ways because we think we know better than you?  How many times do we, like ancient Israel, clamor for a king – even when you show us the ridiculousness of this, the consequences of this, the destruction that it brings.  We want a king!  We want lots of different kings.  Ultimately, we want to be king.  To be in control.  To be you.  But we are not.  Not even close.  Forgive us for this.  Set us on the right path.  Send us out.  Amen.


Prayer for December 13

Prayer for December 13: Please pray with me.  God of promise, you speak your words of promise over and over throughout Scripture.  You speak through the high and lofty, and the low and powerless.  Your prophets are often repeating the same message throughout time.  Why is that?  Maybe it’s because we are slow learners.  Maybe it’s because we need to hear it over and over to counter the messages of this world.  Maybe because we just have a hard time believing it.  Maybe.  We are grateful for your patience Lord.  Keep telling us your promises.  We need to hear them.  Amen.

Prayer for December 12

Prayer for December 12: Please pray with me.  God of time, you encounter us in time.  Our lives are so often focused on the here and now – and that’s not a bad thing.  Sometimes we try to live in the future or the past.  And through it all, you cross time boundaries to come where we are.  Bless the time we have.  Give us eyes to see your reign unfolding in our midst.  Give us hearts to embrace others we encounter on the journey of life.  Amen.

Prayer for December 11

Prayer for December 11: Please pray with me.  Holy One, you are a movement.  Yet, more.  Movements have come and gone over human history.  The ones centered on a person have died off when the leader has gone away.  But the movement of following you has not.  Maybe that is because it isn’t just about you, but about living out what you call us to be and do.  Move us.  Amen.

Prayer for December 10

Prayer for December 10: Please pray with me.  God of crazy, you come to people who the world considers crazy.  You come in crazy ways.  You show up in crazy ways.  Your prophets are so often considered crazy.  Your followers are crazy.  Yet, you keep coming.  That’s crazy.  You keep forgiving, even when we don’t deserve it.  That’s crazy.  You keep sharing Good News.  That’s crazy.  You keep calling on us to love, care, show mercy, seek peace.  That’s crazy.  And we are eternally grateful for your craziness.  Your craziness makes far more sense that the world’s intelligence and “order.”  Your ways are not our ways.  And your thoughts are not our thoughts.  We are the crazy ones Lord – we are crazy for thinking that humanity’s ways make sense.  They don’t.  They too often lead to death and destruction.  Yet we call them sane.  We are the crazy ones Lord.  Let us willingly be crazy with you.  It’s the only sane way to be.  Amen.

Prayer for December 7

Prayer for December 7: Please pray with me.  God of love, open our hearts to receive your love.  You ask us if we love you.  How do we respond?  Humanity as a whole has a pretty bad track record when it comes to love.  When you tell us to pursue peace, we make war and implements of war a priority.  When you tell us to be merciful, we seek power and control.  When you tell us to forgive, we hold grudges.  When you tell us to love our enemy, we learn new ways to kill and destroy.  When you tell us that your grace will suffice, we ignore what you offer and work harder believing we can make you owe us something.  When will we learn?  Your love is beyond our understanding.  You are a God who is relentless in pursuing us, never giving up on us.  We are thankful for that.  Open our hearts to receive your love.  And in so doing, stir us to send your love out to others.  Amen.

Prayer for December 5

Prayer for December 5: Please pray with me.  God who is good news, we long to hear your news.  We long to celebrate the good news you bring.  You remind us that power is temporary for leaders.  They hold it for only a time.  And that time shall pass.  We thank you for this – especially when people suffer from poor leadership.  We ask that you be with leaders – give them the wisdom to know that they are temporary, that their role is to do what is best for the people they lead.  Give them the courage to do this.  Amen.