Prayer for March 23

Prayer for March 23: Please pray with me.  Holy God, we come before you in preparation for something unique – an encounter with you.  We are not prepared as we should be.  We are not ready.  We don’t know enough.  But here we are.  You determine when the time is right, when we know enough, when we are ready.  And usually our time and your time don’t match up.  Help us to latch onto you.  Help us to let go of our expectations and instead to lean into you and your will.  Guide our paths and journeys.  Amen.


Prayer for March 22

Prayer for March 22: Please pray with me. God of mission, you call on us to be your disciples.  You called the disciples in the bible by simply stating “follow me.”  And they did.  You didn’t say, “follow me when you have your act together,” or “follow me when you are ready,” or “follow me when you have learned the correct beliefs.” Rather, you said, “follow me.”  Following you is inconvenient and uncomfortable Lord.  And it should be.  Encountering you means that our lives are about to change.  Make us so uncomfortable and inconvenienced by poverty, war, shootings, violence, homelessness, human trafficking, prostitution, broken relationships, drugs, additions, pornography, corruption, narcissism, inflated egos, division, and greed that we are moved to act.  Move us to live out the grace, forgiveness, love, peace, and hope that you give us.  Let it spread from us to all the world.  Put us on mission so that your mission may spread and your kingdom may grow.  Amen.

Prayer for March 21

Prayer for March 21: Please pray with me.  God of time, your timing if so different from our own.  The way you interact with creation is far different than what imagine.  To you, our time is but a fleeting second.  But oh how we complain about time.  We complain that we don’t have enough time, that we have too much time, that we don’t know how to use time appropriately, that we squander time, and more.  Help us to shift our time perspective – to kairos time – your time.  Amen.

Prayer for March 20

Prayer for March 20: Please pray with me.  Holy one, you show up in places we least expect from one who is so almighty.  Humanity expects God to show up in the cleanest and holiest of places.  Many expects God to show up in strength ready to vanquish the enemy.  Many expect God to be just like a mighty general at the helm of an army of angels.  But you show up in ways humanity doesn’t understand.  You show up where the homeless rest for the night and in soup kitchens where the hungry are fed.  You show up in hospitals and in hospice care.  You show up at funerals.  You show up in times of trauma.  You show up in the midst of division and strife.  You show up in the bars and clubs where there is hopelessness.  You show up in the darkest places of this world.  You show up there because you love the world so much that you are the only light that can penetrate these dark places.  It is only your light that can bring hope to the hopeless.  It is your light of forgiveness and grace that shines brightly in a darkness of judgements and loss.  You show up and your light shines.  Shine into our lives and let us reflect that light to those around us.  Amen.

Prayer for March 19

Prayer for March 19: Please pray with me.  God of peace, today we life up the peacemakers of this world.  Those that strive to create an environment where peace will take hold.  In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said Blessed are the peacemakers.  He didn’t say blessed is peace.  Rather, he recognized that peace is not a destination, but rather a process and a way of life.  Help us to stop praying for peace and to instead to have the courage and strength to be peacemakers.  We pray that our leaders would see the wisdom of moving towards peace as well.  It is only in making peace that a society can benefit from trust and can move towards prosperity for all members of the society – especially the least and the lost.  Let policy makers and leaders realize that being a peacemaker isn’t only just related to international policy and military action – it relates to the policies we create and how they impact those that are outcast within our own society.  Compel us to be peacemakers.  Amen.

Prayer for March 16

Prayer for March 16: Please pray with me.  God who is great, come to us. We have these wild and faulty understandings of what it means to be great Lord.  We think that power is great – to be able to control other people, animals, and creation itself.  Nope.  We think that great wealth is great – to be able to buy anything we want.  Nope.  We think that breaking records is great – to be able to lay claim to ownership of something.  Nope.  We think drawing attention to ourselves is great – to think everyone cares about us, what we say and do.  Nope.  We think that a strong military is the definition of greatness – to be able to kill our enemies.  Nope.  Your definition of greatness is far different Lord.  For you greatness comes in service.  Greatness comes is self-emptying.  Greatness comes in forgiveness, love, grace, peace, and hope.  Greatness redefines our lives in amazing ways.  Greatness transforms people and all of creation.  Greatness comes in giving, not in taking.  Help us to be great Lord.  Amen.

Prayer for March 15

Prayer for March 15: Please pray with me. God of decision makers, today we lift all those tasked with making decisions.  Making difficult decisions is not easy Lord.  Often it sucks.  But someone has to step up and make those decisions.  Bless those who are willing to be uncomfortable and inconvenienced.  Give them the strength they need to move forward. Let those who criticize decision makers be filled with grace and forgiveness when the decisions made are not what they expected or worse, turn out to be bad decisions.  Let them be quick to praise good decisions too.  Amen.