Prayer for July 13

Prayer for July 13: Please pray with me. Creator God, you make all things and make all things possible.  You give us freedom to respond to you and your invitation.  Give us the courage to respond to you, to be with you.  Turn us from rejecting you for our own ways.  Your way is the only way that works.  The ways of anger and fear are empty and lead to death.  Your ways require us to die daily so that new life can begin – better life.  Grant us wisdom, give us grace, show us the way of peace, and teach us forgiveness.  Let us fall into your embrace.  Amen.


Prayer for July 12

Prayer for July 12: Please pray with me.  God who risks it all, what do we say?  What can we possibly offer to you?  Nothing.  Yet you give us everything we need.  You walk with us.  You do not abandon us.  Even when we put you aside, you remain with us.  What love is this?  Give us faith to radically reorient us towards you and your ways.  Release us from the bonds of embracing the ways of the world – ways dictated by fear and anger, violence and war, blaming and scapegoating, dehumanizing and devaluing, making us and them, ignoring your words and your way.  When we claim you as our Lord, we are claiming that we will live by your ways.  Draw us to this way.  Give us the strength to follow this path.  Amen.

Prayer for July 11

Prayer for July 11: Please pray with me.  Holy One, hear us.  Help us to hear you also.  Better yet, shake us up.  We call you Lord, yet, why do we ignore and not follow what you call on us to do?  Why do we think that we can claim you as God and yet ignore you?  Who do we think we are?  How ridiculous?  Thank you for your patience with us Lord.  Forgive us when we ignore you.  Turn us to follow you.  Open our eyes and hearts to see that your way is the only way.  Amen.

Prayer for July 9

Prayer for July 9: Please pray with me.  God who sends us, give us what we need.  You choose those that you send, not because they are ready, but because you are ready to send them.  You don’t make promises about safety for the journey, but you do promise that we will not be alone.  You don’t promise that the way will be easy and that decisions will come easily, but you do promise that you will be faithful and keep your promises.  These are scary times in many regards Lord.  Worshiping communities see their numbers decline.  Do they stay the course or adapt and change?  The real question is do they really trust you?  And do they believe that change will affect them?  There is only one real answer to these questions.  One answer that will lead to thriving life.  The answer is to turn to you and listen.  Guide all who you send.  Give wisdom to all that make decisions.  Amen.

Prayer for July 6

Prayer for July 6: Please pray with me.  Holy One that we follow, lead us.  These are difficult times.  Very difficult times, but they are not something new.  Humanity has struggled with these things many times before.  We have had leaders who have are lacking.  We have made arguments that dehumanize.   We have carried out policies that devalue and separate and pit people against one another.  This isn’t new.  It is humanity’s story, over and over again.  Come to us yet again Lord, as you promise to do.  Guide your followers in the way of peace, mercy, grace, forgiveness, love.  Guide our words and actions in ways that participate in the unfolding of your kingdom, not the expansion of the empire that is based on anger and fear.  An empire that seeks to separate and divide.  Lead us Holy God.  Open our ears to hear, clear our eyes to see, cleanse our hearts to love.  Give us wisdom.  Help us to invite people into the kingdom and to wipe the dust from our feet of those insistent on expanding the empire.  We pray for them.   We will continue to love them in spite of their fear and anger of us.  We will continue to prayer for them in spite of their desire to do things a different way.  We will continue to live the way of peace in spite of their calls for violence and arms and war.  We will continue to forgive them in spite of their blame and scapegoating.  This is what it means to follow you.  Give us the strength to follow you, without exception.  Amen.

Prayer for July 3

Prayer for July 3: Please pray with me.  King of Kings, Lord of Lords, we pray to you.  You are the Holy One, there are no others.  Forgive us when we claim that others are Lord and you are not.  Forgive us when we follow those who would lord over others.  Forgive us when we willingly follow earthly kings who oppress those that you favor.  Forgive us when we sit idly by as some of your children are dehumanized and devalued.  Rouse us from our comfort, inconvenience us in such a way that when we claim to follow you then we act on that claim.  That we carry out what it means to follow you.  That we act and speak in love and with mercy.  That we stand up and in the face of evil and live differently.  Amen.

Prayer for July 2

Prayer for July 2: Please pray with me.  God of discernment, we are in need of discernment.  Give us direction Lord, we need it.  We need direction in how we speak and act – especially with others, especially with those we disagree with, especially with those we call our enemies, especially with those we fear.  Lord end the cycle of controversy and reaction that we are caught up in.  Set a new cycle – a cycle based on love, peace, mercy, joy, and forgiveness.  Give us discernment Lord.  Amen.