Prayer for September 21

Prayer for September 21: Please pray with me.  God of blessing, we open ourselves to receive your blessing.  So often it seems that we close our selves off to your blessing. We think we don’t need your blessing.  We think we have our acts together and are above receiving your blessing.  But if we are truthful, we desperately need your blessing.  We are broken.  We are sinful.  We are empty.  Bless us.  Take our shields down and allow your blessing to come through to us.  We need it.  Amen.


Prayer for September 20

Prayer for September 20: Please pray with me.  God who helps, come to our aid.  You know no limits, but we are creatures of limitation.  You call on us to help our neighbors, but what do we do when we are up against our own limitations of resources, money, people, contacts, and energy?  How do we help without any of these?  How do we go forward?  Sometimes there are no good answers to helping someone else.  Yet, somehow you speak through us.  You let us know that even in our limitations, you are there.  That we are not alone.  Amen.

Prayer for September 19

Prayer for September 19: Please pray with me. God who is great, come to us in a great way.  If we are honest, we prefer the world’s definition of greatness – strength, prosperity, wealth, victory, power, attention, etc.  We want that kind of greatness for ourselves and our nation.  We desire to be great.  Yet you have a different idea of what greatness is – to serve those who society doesn’t think are all that great.  To take a step back.  To follow you.  While we are busy trying to make our bodies great again, our nation great again, our bank accounts great again, our sex drive great again, our careers and positions great again, our entertainment great again, you are shaking your head at us and wondering when we’ll get it.  Greatness isn’t about a focus on ourselves and how great we are.  It’s about emptying ourselves and serving others – empowering overs to rise up, to be reminded of their humanity and how they are made in the image of you.  Let us abandon the world’s definition of greatness and embrace your definition.  Amen.

Prayer for September 18

Prayer for September 18: Please pray with me.  God of truth, you are the truth.  We are not.  We often like to claim that we know the truth.  Some love to wrap themselves in what they think is the truth.  It makes us feel superior – closer to you.  Yet, here’s the thing.  We are broken people.  Our relationship with you is broken.  So is our relationship with ourselves, with others, and the rest of creation.  Broken.  Mend these relationships Lord.  Only you can do that.  And it isn’t through head knowledge.  It’s by grace.  It’s by encountering us.  It’s by loving us.  It’s by feeding us.  When we are fed with these things, then you send us out to serve and proclaim your Good News to those around us – those that are broken, just like us.  Amen.

Prayer for September 14

Prayer for September 14: Please pray with me.  God of abundance, we delude ourselves into thinking we are limitless.  Yet, we are very limited.  We are limited in what we can do.  And we are broken.  No matter how good of a facade we put up, it can’t hide the real us from you.  And often it can’t hide the real us from others either.  Often, we are weak, but you are strong.  You are a God of abundance.  You are a God of limitlessness.  You boggle our minds when we try to understand you.  Be with us, guide us, and send us out – in spite of our limitations.  Send us with our brokenness.  It keeps us humble Lord, relying on you.  Amen.

Prayer for September 13

Prayer for September 13: Please pray with me.  Gracious God, you must be very patient.  How much bad theology is out there Lord?  And it is usually the theology that gets spread the most too.  Open our eyes to discern good theology from bad theology.  Help us to see that theology that is divisive, destructive, and deadly is not good theology.  Help us to know that you are a God of love, not a God who loves wrath and anger.  Help us to see that we are not needed for your salvation to come about – you’re doing just fine in that department without us.  Thank you for being patient with us.  We seem to need many repeat failures to learn the lessons.  Guide us and open us to learn.  Amen.