Prayer for September 18

Prayer for September 18: Please pray with me. God of all, today we pray for people who abuse their power over others.  Manipulation, abuse, and exploitation are sins that still infect humanity.  We place into your hands those who use these means to get what they want from others.  Open their eyes to seeing how they hurt others.  Open their hearts to repentence.  We also pray for all who have been hurt by these people.  Cradle them in your arms Lord and care for them.  Show them that they do not walk alone.  Help us to have the courage to stand up for those who have been hurt by manipulators, abusers, and exploiters so that others may not be hurt.  Amen.


Prayer for September 15

Prayer for September 15: Please pray with me.  God of calmness, today we pray for our anxious-ridden society.  Instill in leaders a desire and the knowledge to create environments where people and societies can thrive.  If leaders are a cause of the anxiety, touch their hearts to change, or cause people to change who is in leadership roles.  Open our eyes to recognize anxiety in our society and systems.  Help us to be a calm presence for others.  Amen.

Prayer for September 14

Prayer for September 14: Please pray with me. God of forgiveness, boy do we need your forgiveness. We live in a world that is unforgiving. We have leaders who would rather raise the stakes and dig in that offer forgiveness or acknowledge the need for forgiveness.  Yet, this is not a way to live and thrive.  This goes beyond missing the mark Lord.  Those things are minor.  Rather, we need forgiveness for deeper things – broken relationship with you, with ourselves, with others, and with the rest of creation.  Radically reorient us towards you and others.  Amen.

Prayer for September 13

Prayer for September 13: Please pray with me.  God who is love, today we ask that your love would spread over all of creation.  Help us to see what that love is really about.  And to experience your unending love for your creation.  Lord, we were once your enemies because we had been turned away from you due to sin.  You radically reorient us back to you.  Help us to offer that same kind of love to others knowing that love draws us closer to one another.  Amen.

Prayer for September 12

Prayer for September 12: Please pray with me. God of the poor, today we pray for the poor and those in poverty – end their suffering.  We also pray for those who work to end poverty – strengthen them.  Help us to see a new way to dealing with poverty – by actually empowering people, tapping into their value as people, treating people as people, and expecting that life will improve.  Help us to see that when you encounter people, their lives are changed.  Help us to be a conduit for that to happen.  Amen.

Prayer for September 11

Prayer for September 11: Please pray with me.  God of forgiveness, today we pray for all those in conflict.  Sin is the breaking of relationship – a type of turning away from you and from others.  We ask that you would radically reorient us towards you and others.  Love is the drawing in towards one another – let your love grow within us.  You have forgiven us and showed great grace and mercy to us.  Help us to respond to this gift by also forgiving others with grace and mercy.  We can’t control how others will respond, but that isn’t the point.  You call on us to offer these things regardless of the response.  Give us the courage to do just that.  Amen.

Prayer for September 8

Prayer for September 8: Please pray with me. God of grace, today we pray for critical people – those that suck the joy out of anything in life.  We would be lying if we said these people are easy to deal with or that we enjoy being around them.  Often these people drive us nuts.  We struggle with extremely critical people.  Sometimes we want to strangle them Lord.  Why do these people always feel the need to be right and crush everyone else who disagrees.  Why?  Give us grace Lord in our dealings with these people.  Help us to be an example of a better way to live.  Help us to not respond to criticism with the same criticism.  Help us to hand these folks over to you.  And if need be, put distance between ourselves and really critical people – for both their sake and ours.  Amen.