Prayer for March 21

Prayer for March 21: Please pray with me.  God of repentance, radically reorient us towards you.  When we are in a state of sin, we turn away from you.  We are broken, please fix us.  We are incapable of doing this ourselves.  Show us the extent of our brokenness and sin so that we can appreciate more fully your forgiveness – so we can see how much you love us.  We seek your forgiveness – to let go of our sin.  You grant it – over and over again.  How amazing!  Thank you.  Amen.


Prayer for March 20

Prayer for March 20: Please pray with me.  God of Wonder, you are amazing.  As we hear in Isaiah, your ways are not our ways, and your thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  Yet we still think we have an edge over you.  LOL.  You came in amazing ways to your people.  Don’t stop.  You speak softly sometimes in a whisper, forcing us to focus and listen.  Don’t stop.  You show up in miracles that defy logic and cause confusion.  Don’t stop.  And you come in some very ordinary ways that raise no suspicion.  Don’t stop.  Keep us amazed by you.  Draw us into you.  Take us back when we run from you.  Amen.

Prayer for March 19

Prayer for March 19: Please pray with me.  God who comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable, come to us and stir us.  You are a personal God who messes with our lives.  But really, is this any different from anyone else that loves us?  No.  Love has a way of messing with a person – changing their life in ways they could not predict or control.  You are a God of love.  And you love us so much that you mess with our lives.  You call us to ventures we never expect.  You call on us to do things we never predicted.  And you prepare us ways that don’t make sense at the time.  Keep messing with us and our lives Lord.  Keep loving us.  Amen.

Prayer for March 18

Prayer for March 18: Please pray with me.  God of resurrection, oh how we fear death.  We fear death so much that we are even afraid to live fully.  We hide from death.  We distract ourselves from it.  We refuse to call it by name.  We fear looking at it, smelling it.  We want nothing to do with it.  And because of this – it has power over us.  We make decisions in order to avoid death.  Yet, no one has ever avoided death – only put it off a little bit.  Blessed is the one who can look at death in the face and yet goes on with life.  Why do we fear death, O Lord?  Is it because deep down we truly believe that death is the end?  Do we really think that you are full of it when you promise resurrection?  You are a God of life.  Yet, why do we struggle to believe you?  Why do we believe death, but not you?  Turn us to you Lord.  Open us to be embraced by you and your promise of life and new life.  Open us to know that we cannot experience resurrection without going through death. Open our ears to hear that death does not have the final say.  You do.  And you say that death is only a stop on the way – the way to resurrection, to new life.  Amen.

Prayer for March 15

Prayer for March 15: Please pray with me.  God of Good News, you are patient.  You watch us listen to false teachers and false prophets.  Their messages sound delicious to our ears.  Yet you know that when we consume these messages, we’ll end up with nothing but heartburn and wonder why.  We’ll cry out – “Where are you God?” As if you ever abandoned us.  You keep proclaiming your Good News – sometimes softly and quietly.  But you are consistent.  Your Good News isn’t flashy.  It would never make the top 10 trends list.  And thank God for that.  Trends are here for a day and gone tomorrow, only to be replaced by the next trend.  But you and your Good News go far beyond trends.  Keep proclaiming your Good News to us.  We need to hear it.  Open us to respond to it.  To embrace it.  To be embraced by it.  To share it with others.  To let it work through us and in us and change us.  Amen.

Prayer for March 14

Prayer for March 14: Please pray with me. God of Good News, open our ears to hear.  Open our hearts to receive.  We are exposed to bad news all the time.  It can feel like a dam breaking in front of us.  Too many expect bad news.  Too many believe that bad news is the norm.  The false gospel is proclaimed – “Don’t trust anyone!”  “Fear this person or group!” “Protect your stuff and your life!” “You’ve been wronged!” “You can have it all!” “Don’t worry about anyone else – take care of yourself!” “Following God’s ways don’t work!” “Power and money are more important – they make the world go round – focus on getting those!”  “You’ll live for ever!”  What a load of crap.  Wake us up Lord from these messages of despair – from messages that lead no-where.  You are a God of Good News.  You keep proclaiming it to us.  Help us to see it, hear it, know it.  We are dense.  Forgive us when we dismiss your Good News.  We are broken.  And we need your Good News in our lives, in our nations, in our cultures, in our institutions.  We need to hear it over and over again.  Write it into us so that we can’t ignore it.  Amen.

Prayer for March 13

Prayer for March 13: Please pray with me.  God of wonder, you show up in amazing and unsuspecting ways into our lives.  You catch us off guard.  You whisper when we expect a shout.  You remain silent when we want a yell.  You are patient.  So often we have expectations for you – usually the wrong expectations.  We think we can control you.  We limit you.  And you laugh.  You must find our expectations and limitations amusing.  Keep us wondering Lord.  There is no need for us to know fully.  We would probably abuse it anyway.  Keep us in wonder so that we may remain humble.  Amen.