Prayer for March 15

Last night I decided that complaining wasn’t helpful. So I decided that I should actually live out the things I believe. That means instead of being fearful or upset, I would pray. Below is the prayer for today. It’s not a perfect prayer by any means, but it’s a prayer none the less. Every day there are many things to pray for – I’m choosing just one today. Today we have a choice, we can be angry, fearful, upset, enraged, stunned. We can call names to those we disagree with. We can resort to violence and verbal abuse. Or we can pick up our cross, deny ourselves and we can start with a prayer. If you want to join me in this prayer, pray along and/or share it. If you have your own prayer, I’d love to join you in it.

God of all creation, today we prayer for those who are voting in five states in the US. God we ask that you give voters discernment, wisdom and grace and in so doing that they seek out leaders who seek peace, who are not burdensome to the people and who are wise. We especially ask that calmness prevail over anger in the hearts of our citizens and especially those who vote today. Amen.

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