Prayer for April 7

Prayer for April 7:  Please pray with me.  God who is patient, today we pray for the frustrated, the angry, and those who don’t feel listened to.  There are many things in our world to be upset by Lord – things said or done in your name, politics, culture, education, government, jobs, driving, and the list goes on.  God, help us to see that our true frustration resides within ourselves – not other people.  We are frustrated and angry and upset because others won’t say or do or believe what we want them to say, do or believe.  Today we are reminded that you are the God of creation, not us.  The sun doesn’t circle us and our lives.  Help us to remain humble, to offer grace to others and ourselves just as you have given us grace and to realize that other people do, say and come to their conclusions for reasons that make sense to themselves, just like we do.  God, we ask that you help us to see often that there is no us versus them – there is only us.  Amen.

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