Prayer for April 22

Prayer for April 22: Please pray with me. God of Truth, today we pray that our communications with one another would be filled with love and would proclaim your grace and love to others.  Help us to leave judgement and the desire to always be right behind so that we can hear others, their stories and learn from them.  Help us to be vulnerable enough to allow others to examine what we say and believe in order to move us closer to truth.  Help us to be open minded to discuss important issues of the day without being so concerned with being right.  Give us discernment to know when to confront others and wisdom in how to do that in a loving and grace-filled manner.  And forgive us when we fall into the trap of thinking we know all of the truth.  Amen.

4 thoughts on “Prayer for April 22

  1. Matthew, I so enjoy joining you in prayer each day; and I needed to particularly THANK YOU for this one because it is so spot-on with where I have found myself after a very meaningful Lenten journey this year! God’s blessings and peace be with you, my friend!

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