Prayer for July 12

Prayer for July 12: Please pray with me. God of peace, today we pray for an end to violence. But Lord, if we are honest, we really only want an end to some violence – violence that others do, violence that is reported, violence that it is easy to oppose.  We’d rather hold onto the violence that we house within us and excuse away as entertainment, violence that we feel is justified because we were offended, violence we do to ourselves because we believe we aren’t good enough, violence done to creation in order to be comfortable, violence done to our enemies because they hate us.  Lord, help us to see the violence that we house within ourselves. Give us the weakness to let go, so that we may be embraced by you, your love, your forgiveness, your mercy.  And in so being embraced, may we be changed so that we can go out into the violent world and be your hands offering a loving touch; be your feet walking in the ways of peace; be your lips offering words of mercy; be your body showing that you are present and active in the world.  Amen.

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