Prayer for July 21

Prayer for July 21: Please pray with me. Word of life, today we pray that we would hear your message in the midst of so many other messages that are spoken and shouted around us.  We are inundated with messages that tell us so many things.  We hear messages that tell us we are worthless unless we buy a certain product, that we are unlovable because of who we are, that we are less than what we could be because of where we are in life.  These messages are a lie.  Your message is a life giving and life changing message.  Your message tells us that each one of us is loved because we are children of God.  We have worth because of the one who created us.  We are perfectly made, without a mistake.  Help us to hear this message and embrace it.  Help us to share this message with others – they need to hear it too.  Amen.

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