Prayer for July 25

Prayer for July 25: Please pray with me:  Holy God, today we pray for the families of victims of violence and terror – they are modern day martyrs.  They died for who they were, what they stood for, and what they believed.  Many died not knowing why.  We ask that you be with the families and friends – be with them in this time of pain and sorrow.  We know you weep with them.  Help them to feel your presence.

God of peace, we also pray for those who condone violence, are committed to death and fear, and those who perpetuate these things in the world – maybe even in your name.  We ask for a change of heart.  Break down the walls around their hearts and minds.  Soften their hearts Lord.  Help them to see you, to see your face in the face of these martyrs.  Change them and their ways Lord.  Let them experience love, forgiveness, mercy, and peace so that they would start to live these things.

Help us to break the cycle of violence in not seeking revenge or retribution, but in offering peace and forgiveness – even to those who have wronged us and to those who hate us.  That’s a tall order Lord, but we know only you can make that happen in us and in those who are different from us.  We believe that this change can happen Lord – we truly believe it.  Help us to be peacemakers, as costly as it is, being the ones who take the first step.  We pray for the impossible Lord, knowing that you are in the business of making the impossible not just possible, but reality.  We pray this in the name of the one known as the Prince of Peace.  Amen.

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