Prayer for Aug. 22

Prayer for Aug. 22: Please pray with me. Patient God, today we pray that you be with all of us who are impatient.  We have so much to do, with so little time to do it – or so we think.  Why do we load our schedules so full Lord?  Why do we wear ourselves out?  Why do we feel like a victim to our schedule? No wonder we have so little time for you. Yet, we call out to you to save us from our schedules.  And I have to think there is a part of you that is laughing – saying “Oh children. Doing one more thing will not add another moment onto your life.” Help us to stop in our tracks, to talk with you God, to sit and have a drink with you and enjoy spending time with you.  Help us to remember that all things will be done in their appointed time – everything.  Amen.

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