Prayer for October 17

Prayer for October 17: God who is, today we come to you and humbly ask that you help us in a dire need.  We are a distracted people – very distracted.  We are distracted with a tidal wave of information, but very little wisdom.  We distract ourselves with our technology, yet really don’t advance as human beings.  We are distracted with constant noise, yet wonder why we never know what peace or rest is.  We have made distraction an idol that we constantly seek out.  Forgive us Lord.  As much as we tell ourselves and others how important these distractions, we know that what is truly important is you, our relationship to you and those around us, and what you call us to be and do.  Lift our heads away from the distractions to see you in our midst.  Turn us to see our neighbors in need and act.  Put away the distractions to be with those we claim to care about.  Amen.

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