Prayer for January 12

Prayer for January 12: Please pray with me. Holy God, communication can be a blessing or a curse. So often we use the tongue and our fingers in ways we are not proud of. Too often because we are not face-to-face we think we can speak or type in an unfiltered way as if being rude, name calling, attacking, shaming, and unprofessional online will not hurt anyone. The reality is that it hurts all who are exposed to it and beyond. It hurts the receiver who has been directly attacked. It hurts others who read the words and respond with a range of emotions. It hurts others who are exposed to such anger, arrogance, and wrath in indirect way.  It hurts the one who speaks and types too – judgement befalls them from their own hand and mouth.  Change our hearts Lord – away from concern for being right to concern for the other person’s well being.  This doesn’t mean we will agree on topics or issues.  We’re asking not for conformity, but humanity in dealing with each other.  Remind us Christians that the mouth and hands that speak and type words of anger and wrath on keyboards are also the same mouth and hands that receive your body and blood.  Soften our words and make our hands embracing hands, not fists of fury.  Amen.

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