Prayer for December 22

Prayer for December 22: Please pray with me.  God who comes to us over and over and over again, we are upon another holy season – approaching a day set aside as holy.  Yet, do we really understand this?  Can we possibly really understand what it means for you to take on flesh and dwell with us?  How easily we distract ourselves from the mysterious through material things.  We buy, we entertain, we sing songs, we decorate, we put on a happy face.  Yet we are truly afraid to look at our interior lives and how broken we are.  We are truly afraid to embrace the gift that you bring.  Why?  Are we afraid to let go of the idea of control over our lives?  Are we afraid to look inward because of what we would find?  Are we afraid of the gift that you bring because it means that our lives will change?  As scary as it is, Lord, open our eyes, our hearts, and our minds to seeing the true gift of Christmas – a radical act by you for us.  Something that we contribute nothing to.  Something that changes the world.  And us.  Amen.

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