Prayer for January 16

Prayer for January 16: Please pray with me. God who resides in uncomfortable and inconvenient places, we seek you out.  Help us to see you where you are – not in the nice clean places that we think you should be in at a time that is convenient to our schedules. No, if we know anything, it is that following you is uncomfortable and inconvenient.  But maybe that’s the point.  Maybe that’s the way you show us that we are not in charge.  Because if we were, then we’d encounter you only at the fancy restaurants and grocery stores, the fancy offices and glamour jobs, the amusement parks and popular TV shows.  Not that you can’t encounter us there. I just don’t think we are even open to seeing how you encounter us there all the time.  We’re too busy staring at the lights and the shiny objects of fame and fortune.  Rather, your hiddenness becomes so apparent in the places we’d rather not go and in the people we’d rather not be with – the poor, the homeless, the prostitute, the druggie, the sex slave, the illegal immigrant, and more.  They are dirty Lord.  They are messy Lord.  They are dangerous Lord.  Yet, what can we do when you call to us and say “Follow me.”  We follow.  And we go where we would rather not.  And you encounter us.  And lives are changes – including our own.  And, like Philip, when asked if anything good can come from Nazareth, responded by saying “Come and see.”  Give us the courage to respond with “come and see.”  Amen.

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