Prayer for January 23

Prayer for January 23: Please pray with me. Holy Father, we are your children. That seems so obvious.  We fight all the time Lord.  One can only imagine the headache that you must have from listening to us bicker and fight constantly.  We fight over how the other looks, sounds, what they do, what they say, what they believe, who they hand out with, what job they do, where they are from, and more.  We look to pick fights and to show just how smart we are and how our ways and our ideas are so very right.  “Those idiots!” is our battle cry.  But you are patient Lord – eternally patient.  I thank you for that.  I thank you for your love, grace, and forgiveness.  Let it work through me today Lord.  Let it impact me so thoroughly that it changes me – it changes my attitudes towards others who are different in any way.  Let your grace prevail in my life and through me to others.  We need grace Lord, and we need it to start with us – each one of us that prays this prayer.  Amen.

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