Prayer for January 31

Prayer for January 31: Please pray with me.  Holy God, today we pray that you would not only give us faith to carry out your calling for our lives, but also that you give us the courage to respond to your call with trust.  Why is it so difficult for so many to respond to you in trust?  Is it because we can’t see you?  Is it because we don’t think you’ll keep your promises?  Yet we forget all the examples of how you keep your promises and turn our eyes away from all the ways you encounter us and our lives constantly.  We refuse to see you when you are present in our lives every day.  Maybe it’s because you show up in ways we least expect it – in the homeless man who asks for a hand out, in the waitress who is exhausted, in the person who is deformed, in the whining child, in the cranky elder, in the ones closest to us.  I’m not sure how we expect you to show up, but I do know that we would all be surprised if we really knew how often you encounter us.  Amen.

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