Prayer for February 7

Prayer for February 7: Please pray with me.  The One True God, we come before you and ask for mercy.  We ask for forgiveness.  All too often we set up and worship idols – false gods.  We substitute humans and human made things in your place.  But why?  Do we do it because we fear you?  Do we not believe you?  Do we not trust you?  Do we want to control you?  Why?  Forgive us when we set up idols – those things that we place high above you Lord.  Forgive us when we put anything ahead of you.  Turn us from this to worship and follow you.  These idols, like all idols, will never fill the hole within us.  They will never satisfy our longing.  They will never provide us the rest we need.  They will never give us the meaning and purpose that only you can provide.  They are ultimately empty and a waste.  Turn us toward you.  Turn us away from ourselves and our idols.  You are the only thing that matters.  Amen.

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