Prayer for February 28

Prayer for February 28: Please pray with me.  God of faith, why, oh why, do so many insist on proof.  Why do so many demand proof that you exist?  Actually, let’s rephrase that – why do so many demand that you prove your existence in specific ways at specific times and in specific places?  And without those proofs, they won’t believe in you.  Even we believers fall into this trap Lord. We demand that you do this or that for us, questioning if you are there, doubting – even after all the times that you answer our prayers.  We often demand you follow our commands and will, rather than submitting ourselves to yours.  Why do we think we are in charge of you Holy and Infinite One?  That must be amusing from your vantage point.  Yet, time and again you change things up – you encounter us in ways we never expect.  You encounter us in ways that change our lives.  You encounter us in ways that leave a mark on us.  And you grace us with your very presence.  You give us faith.  You give us faith to see you when others can’t.  You give us faith to be able to hear your voice when others can’t or won’t.  Thank you.  Amen.

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