Prayer for March 6

Prayer for March 6: Please pray with me. God who calls us to follow, what can we possibly say?  You called Abram to go to a land that you would make known to him.  How crazy is that?  Yet, he responded by saying here I am.  And you sent him.  You called to Moses to lead your people out of slavery, wandering in the wilderness for forty years.  He stuttered and made excuses of why he wasn’t good enough.  And you showed why he was exactly the right one.  You use broken people to carry out your will all the time – still today.  It is only in our brokenness that we fully know how we rely on you – our brokenness prevents us from thinking we have our act together and that we can do it ourselves.  It is in the brokenness that we are able to hear what you have in store for us – something far more than what we ever imagined for ourselves.  It is in our brokenness that we can follow you more closely and clearly.  It is in our brokenness that you come to us and mend us and send us out to be your hands and feet for so many who are broken around us.  It is in our brokenness that discipleship happens.  It is in our brokenness that your Good News is carried and proclaimed.  “See how broken I am, yet, see how God uses this broken vessel!”  God doesn’t call us when we have our act together.  God seeks us out and finds us hiding – hiding our brokenness.  God brings us out of hiding shines God’s light on us and sends us out.  A broken vessel for a broken world.  A broken person to proclaim a transforming message of healing and renewal, of love and grace, mercy and peace, forgiveness and resurrection.  Use us, your broken ones to carry out your will.  Amen.

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