Prayer for March 14

Prayer for March 14: Please pray with me. God of the process, we recognize that you are God who values the way, not just the end.  The early Christians were known as followers of the Way.  Jews have always been followers of the Law handed down by you Lord.  The way matters.  The means matter.  Yet, so many of your followers turn a blind eye on this and demand cheap grace.  Just because you give grace freely doesn’t mean we can abuse that gift, we can throw it around, that we can waste it.  Rather, there is a responsibility to live out the grace that is given to us.  Just because you give out forgiveness freely, doesn’t mean we get a get-out-of-jail free card and can abuse that.  We aren’t called to enable abuse of forgiveness, but rather to live it.  Just because you are love and love us freely, doesn’t me we are free to abuse that love.  You give us grace, forgiveness, and love so that we might be empowered and strengthen to go and give grace, forgiveness, and love to others and in so doing, to participate in the unfolding of your kingdom so that people may encounter you and have their lives changed.  That’s what it’s all about ultimately – people’s lives changing because they encounter you.  Amen.

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