Prayer for March 16

Prayer for March 16: Please pray with me.  God who is great, come to us. We have these wild and faulty understandings of what it means to be great Lord.  We think that power is great – to be able to control other people, animals, and creation itself.  Nope.  We think that great wealth is great – to be able to buy anything we want.  Nope.  We think that breaking records is great – to be able to lay claim to ownership of something.  Nope.  We think drawing attention to ourselves is great – to think everyone cares about us, what we say and do.  Nope.  We think that a strong military is the definition of greatness – to be able to kill our enemies.  Nope.  Your definition of greatness is far different Lord.  For you greatness comes in service.  Greatness comes is self-emptying.  Greatness comes in forgiveness, love, grace, peace, and hope.  Greatness redefines our lives in amazing ways.  Greatness transforms people and all of creation.  Greatness comes in giving, not in taking.  Help us to be great Lord.  Amen.


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