Prayer for July 9

Prayer for July 9: Please pray with me.  God who sends us, give us what we need.  You choose those that you send, not because they are ready, but because you are ready to send them.  You don’t make promises about safety for the journey, but you do promise that we will not be alone.  You don’t promise that the way will be easy and that decisions will come easily, but you do promise that you will be faithful and keep your promises.  These are scary times in many regards Lord.  Worshiping communities see their numbers decline.  Do they stay the course or adapt and change?  The real question is do they really trust you?  And do they believe that change will affect them?  There is only one real answer to these questions.  One answer that will lead to thriving life.  The answer is to turn to you and listen.  Guide all who you send.  Give wisdom to all that make decisions.  Amen.

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