Prayer for July 12

Prayer for July 12: Please pray with me.  God who risks it all, what do we say?  What can we possibly offer to you?  Nothing.  Yet you give us everything we need.  You walk with us.  You do not abandon us.  Even when we put you aside, you remain with us.  What love is this?  Give us faith to radically reorient us towards you and your ways.  Release us from the bonds of embracing the ways of the world – ways dictated by fear and anger, violence and war, blaming and scapegoating, dehumanizing and devaluing, making us and them, ignoring your words and your way.  When we claim you as our Lord, we are claiming that we will live by your ways.  Draw us to this way.  Give us the strength to follow this path.  Amen.

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