Prayer for July 17

Prayer for July 17: Please pray with me.  God of grace, we lift up the world to you.  All around it seems as though the world is in an uproar, filled with anger and fear, tossed about with anxiety, drowning in hopelessness.  It is easy to be consumed by this – it batters us from the beginning of the day to the end.  I smacks through our devices and our screens.  It comes through our conversations and information.  It storms us and our feelings until the unease becomes the norm.  But it is not normal Lord.  These are difficult times.  Give us the faith we need for these times.  A faith that gives us courage to follow you and your ways regardless of the cost.  Remind us that we are not alone and that you will not abandon us.  You don’t promise safety and security Lord.  Instead you make a promise and you keep your promises.  Amen.

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