Prayer for September 4

Prayer for September 4: Please pray with me.  God of peace, we pray a dangerous prayer – make us instruments of your peace.  Peace is popular when it is easy Lord.  It’s popular when all is going well.  But we discard it at the drop of a hat – looking for ways to set it aside to feed our thirst for conquest and destruction.  We are sinful people Lord – humanity has been broken for so very long that we don’t remember why we fight, just that it gives us a hit, like a drug.  Why?  Do we feel stronger, more in control?  Or does it go deeper – that we are a step closer to being god-like?  Do we believe that determining life and death is god-like?  Yet we always seem to err on the side of death and destruction when conflict and violence and war arise.  Make us instruments of your peace Lord.  Peace is not an easy path.  Peace is a costly path when conflict, violence, war, and division reign.  You call us to be peacemakers.  This means that we are to be peace and bring peace where it does not exist.  This is costly and difficult.  Give us the courage to risk it all to bring your peace.  And in so doing, let your peace change our hearts and minds and lives.  Let your peace change our world.  Encounter us and wrap us in your peace.  Where there is peace, life flourishes and thrives.  Amen.

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