Prayer for September 19

Prayer for September 19: Please pray with me. God who is great, come to us in a great way.  If we are honest, we prefer the world’s definition of greatness – strength, prosperity, wealth, victory, power, attention, etc.  We want that kind of greatness for ourselves and our nation.  We desire to be great.  Yet you have a different idea of what greatness is – to serve those who society doesn’t think are all that great.  To take a step back.  To follow you.  While we are busy trying to make our bodies great again, our nation great again, our bank accounts great again, our sex drive great again, our careers and positions great again, our entertainment great again, you are shaking your head at us and wondering when we’ll get it.  Greatness isn’t about a focus on ourselves and how great we are.  It’s about emptying ourselves and serving others – empowering overs to rise up, to be reminded of their humanity and how they are made in the image of you.  Let us abandon the world’s definition of greatness and embrace your definition.  Amen.

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