Prayer for October 8

Prayer for October 8: Please pray with me.  God of love, we are in desperate need of love.  We hear your word of love freely given to us, yet we expect others to earn it.  We are broken.  How difficult it is to receive grace freely given.  We have a difficult time with this.  We would much rather earn your love.  Then at least we could claim that we did something, that we had some control over your love.  But it is not possible for us to do that.  Open us to receive love and in so doing, to offer love without strings attached to others – especially our enemies.  Help us to see that they will stay enemies as long as we withhold love for them.  Give us the courage to love, regardless of the response it receives.  It is only through love that the world will change.  Use us to spread your love Lord.  Amen.

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