Prayer for October 15

Prayer for October 15: Please pray with me.  God of all, today we lift up our opponents, our enemies, those that bug and annoy us, those we dislike, those we hate, those that don’t want to be around, those that we have difficulty offering love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness.  We may even willingly withhold these things from others because of our disdain for them.  This is not easy Lord.  There are many reasons we have for our dislike of our opponents and enemies.  If only you told us that it was ok to offer these things only after they did these things to and for us first.  But you don’t.  Following you isn’t about waiting for someone else to love first.  It’s pushing us out of our comfort zones to love, especially when the other doesn’t deserve it and didn’t earn it.  This is not pleasant.  But…But…But…We have excuse after excuse why our opponents and enemies should go first.  Yet, if that is the case, we will all be waiting forever.  Who will make the first move – and possibly get burned by such an act of compassion?  You call on us to take the risk – to risk offering love, mercy, forgiveness.  You call on us to risk it all – even our very lives – to follow you and to live out what you teach us.  This is not easy Lord.  When we fail, be patient with us.  Set us back to this difficult journey tomorrow, and the next day – trying again.  Amen.

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