Prayer for October 19

Prayer for October 19: Please pray with me.  God of truth, sometimes I am at a loss for words.  I see so many who trade in their identity as a child of God for some political identity.  I see so many being more concerned with being right, rather than listening and learning.  I see so many concerned with laying blame and scapegoating, rather than seeking and offering forgiveness.  I see so many who proudly proclaim an “us vs. them” ideology while claiming to be your followers.  Yet, you are not a God of us and them.  There is no them.  There is only us.  Humanity.  Give us eyes to see the humanity of others – especially those that we consider our opponents and enemies.  Give us ears to hear the fear and anger and anxiety of others who are different from us and offer to walk with them.  Give us hearts to feel for others.  Lord, we can’t continue with this.  We can’t continue calling each other names, promote violence, use wrath, fear, be angry.  We can’t continue to claim to be your follower and ignore what you tell us to do and how to act.  We can’t continue to trade in your promise of renewed life for eternal conflict.  We can’t continue.  Change us.  Don’t let us off the hook.  You call us to be the ones to start, not waiting for someone else to start acting like your followers.  Now is the time.  Give us the courage to start.  Give us the energy to keep going.  Give us the words to speak.  Give us lives to live as your follower.  Amen.

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