Prayer for October 29

Prayer for October 29: Please pray with me.  God of lament, hear our cry.  This past week evil shouted from the rooftops.  Racism, anti-Semitism, and nationalism roared and devoured its prey.  The darkness believes that it can blot out the light.  But it can’t.  All it takes is one flicker of light to break the darkness.  You are that light, O Lord.  We cry out to you – remember your people.  Light a flame in each of our hearts – a flame of faith.  Let your Word burn in our hearts and burn away fear and anger.  Open our eyes to see you in others.  Open our ears to hear your word.  Open our hearts to receive your love.  Open our mouths to proclaim you and your message – a message of love, peace, mercy, grace, forgiveness.  We will not stop violence with violence.  We refuse to succumb to the darkness.  Let your lives be a lamp set on a stand to shine forth you to a desperate world.  Let us be known as your followers in how we live and how we die.  Give your people refuge Lord.  We pray that those who are immersed in darkness will be exposed to the Light of Life, will be radically reoriented, and will seek forgiveness.  Give us the courage to be peacemakers.  That is not easy or safe anymore Lord.  But it your call.  Set us free from the bondage of sin so that we may go and do what the world believes is impossible – to bring peace, to value people, to participate in the unfolding of your kingdom.  Have mercy on us O Lord.  Hear our cry.  Amen.

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