Prayer for November 6

Prayer for November 6: Please pray with me.  God of the nations, in Psalm 146 you tell us “Do not put your trust in princes, in mortals, in whom there is no help. When their breath departs, they return to the earth; on that very day their plans perish.”  Yet, we seem to ignore this with bold abandon.  On this election day, we pray that we would look to you.  Give us wisdom in our voting.  Give us ears to hear your justice and to hear the injustice in the world.  Give us eyes to see through the false promises and fearful rhetoric so that we might be inclined towards your vision for the world.  Give us hearts that are full of grace, mercy, forgiveness, kindness, compassion towards the poor and outcast of this world.  Give us peaceful rest in the evening, so that when we awake on Wednesday, we many continue to be your followers, living out your call for our lives.  Let you light so shine in our lives that we become a light to the nations, Good News to the poor, life to hopeless.  Amen.

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