Prayer for November 21

Prayer for November 21: Please pray with me.  God who asks us questions – oh how we fail to answer so often.  You ask us where our brothers and sisters are.  And like Cain, we make excuses – telling you that we are totally independent from our brothers and sisters.  We try to fool you with our rhetoric about each person being an island with no effect on anyone else, that the poor deserve their fate, that the rich are the only ones blessed by you, that we have too much to do to care about others elsewhere.  Forgive us Lord.  You call on us to care for our brothers and sisters in this world – especially those who have had their dignity taken away from them, those with limited power, those who are dehumanized and demonized and scapegoated.  You call on us to care for these brothers and sisters because they aren’t different from us.  They are us.  Amen.

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