Prayer for December 4

Prayer for December 4: Please pray with me.  God of losers, you bless what the world curses and mocks.  You favor the poor and the outcast while we are busy blessing the rich and powerful.  You bless those who have nothing, while we try to emulate those who have excess.  You must laugh a lot at us Lord – at the shear pointlessness of these empty pursuits.  How humorous of us to value things that you don’t bless.  You are a God of losers of this world.  And we are grateful for this – because we fall into this camp at some point in our lives.  Rejoice and be glad losers.  When it comes down to it – God is with you.  What more do you need?  Who else do you possibly need?  Who can possibly prevail against you God?  No one.  Amen.

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