Prayer for December 10

Prayer for December 10: Please pray with me.  God of crazy, you come to people who the world considers crazy.  You come in crazy ways.  You show up in crazy ways.  Your prophets are so often considered crazy.  Your followers are crazy.  Yet, you keep coming.  That’s crazy.  You keep forgiving, even when we don’t deserve it.  That’s crazy.  You keep sharing Good News.  That’s crazy.  You keep calling on us to love, care, show mercy, seek peace.  That’s crazy.  And we are eternally grateful for your craziness.  Your craziness makes far more sense that the world’s intelligence and “order.”  Your ways are not our ways.  And your thoughts are not our thoughts.  We are the crazy ones Lord – we are crazy for thinking that humanity’s ways make sense.  They don’t.  They too often lead to death and destruction.  Yet we call them sane.  We are the crazy ones Lord.  Let us willingly be crazy with you.  It’s the only sane way to be.  Amen.

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