Prayer for December 18

Prayer for December 18: Please pray with me.  God who is great, teach us what greatness is.  The world has its definition of greatness – it always involves more.  There is never enough, and worldly greatness is never satisfied.  It is a hard task master – constantly thirsting for more.  Worldly greatness is empty and rotten at its core.  Instead, teach us what it means to be truly great.  You have sent servants, prophets, and more time and time again.  You have showed up, Lord, in time and showed us what greatness is.  You have told us.  Now is the time to live it out.  Help us to do just that.  Greatness isn’t about endless exhaustion.  It is about life-giving service to one another.  Greatness isn’t about eliminating the competition.  It’s about drawing more people in together in common humanity.  Greatness isn’t about having or being more.  It’s about being thankful for what we have been given, so that we don’t have to do or be more.  Help us to embrace your definition of greatness and leave the world’s definition to rot and be forgotten.  Amen.

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