Prayer for December 28

Prayer for December 28: Please pray with me.  God of love, we come to you in search of control.  We desire control – control over our lives, our surroundings, and if we are honest – over others.  Yet, why do we desire control so much?  This is an age-old sin.  Cleanse us of this desire.  We aren’t in control, and we never have been.  Let us be honest with ourselves about this.  Being in control meaning controlling others.  And none of us have our act together enough to control others and do it well.  We are all broken in some way, or many ways.  We try to control out lives, only we end up doing more damage.  Loosen our grip over the lie of control of our lives.  Instead, direct us towards love.  You call on us to imitate you and to live lives of love.  As Scripture says, “love is patient, love is kind.”  It is bears all things.  It does not seek to control.  Move us away from control, and instead, towards love.  Amen.

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