Prayer for January 2

Prayer for January 2: Please pray with me.  Invitational God, you invite us to participate in the unfolding of your reign.  Thank you.  Open our eyes to see your invitation and to respond.  Too often we are focused on shiny objects – things that don’t matter.  Shift our attention towards you and your reign.  Others will do what they will do.  We can’t change that.  Help us to let go of changing others.  You encounter us and change our lives.  You don’t call on us to save others.  You call on us to be changed, to live changed lives, and to be a light for others – inviting them to encounter this same change as us.  But how can we do that when we too often are more concerned with changing others the way we want them to be?  It doesn’t work that way.  Love is unconditional – it means we are called to love, and the person we love will do what they will do.  We can’t control their response.  This is your kind of love.  It’s the love you give to us.  Open our lives to receive this kind of love and then to go and give it.  Amen.

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