Prayer for January 3

Prayer for January 3: Please pray with me.  God who is love, open our hearts to receive your love.  Love is invitational, and you send us the invitation every day.  Yet, why do we reject your invitational love?  Why do we prefer to listen to the words and direction of fear, anger, division, politics, power, possessions, and winning?  Why do we trust these things over you?  We have seen too many times where these lead – death and destruction.  Yet we keep listening?  Do we think that we will end up differently when we embrace these things?  Why?  Do we doubt what you offer?  Do we fear not being in control?  Do we fear what we think we have to give up by being embraced in your love?  What could possibly be better than the invitation of your love?  Nothing.  Ever.  Radically reorient Lord.  Reorient us towards your love, towards your invitation to love.  Love is risky and vulnerable.  It is dangerous.  It is costly.  But so are the things that this world offers.  The difference is love doesn’t lie or distract us from what it costs.  It is honest.  It is open.  It invites.  It waits.  Amen.

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