Prayer for February 14

Prayer for February 14: Please pray with me.  God of truth, you come to us.  We are impatient.  We seek to do things our own way.  We make excuses.  We build golden calves that serve our desires.  Forgive us when we chant “build the calf!” The golden calves of our lives, our nation, and our faith offer us freedom, pleasure, riches, full bellies, and safety.  Except they are empty promises.  Woe to us when we willingly demand golden calves be built – when we place our faith in things we create.  Why do we do this?  Is it about control?  Is it about recognizing that we are not the creator, that you are?  Sin, brokenness – these at the things that drive us to build the calves in our life, our nation, and our faith.  We build golden calves to cover our sin and brokenness.  Forgive us.  Turn us from these golden calves that cost us dearly – in terms of health, life, relationships, wealth, faith, and more.  Grow love for you within us.  Let your love flow through our lives.  Fill us with your mercy, grace, peace, forgiveness, joy, and more.  Fill us so that any emptiness we think we have – emptiness that we try to fill with golden calves – is filled with you.  Amen.

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