Prayer for February 19

Prayer for February 19: Please pray with me.  God who brings order out of chaos, come to us now.  Our society and world is drawn towards chaos and drama.  There are those in this world that thrive on creating chaos, division, distraction, and drama.  It is easy for so many to be sucked into this.  But why?  Why are so many drawn to chaos and drama?  What benefit do they bring?  Nothing.  Lord, send us your peace.  Let you peace work through us.  Open our eyes to see that peace is not a destination, but rather the way of life that you offer.  In place of chaos and drama, let your peace and mercy flow.  Let them fill our hearts and minds.  Give us the opportunity to take a deep breath so that we may be ready to go out and proclaim your Good News in the midst of chaos and drama.  Amen.

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