Prayer for March 14

Prayer for March 14: Please pray with me. God of Good News, open our ears to hear.  Open our hearts to receive.  We are exposed to bad news all the time.  It can feel like a dam breaking in front of us.  Too many expect bad news.  Too many believe that bad news is the norm.  The false gospel is proclaimed – “Don’t trust anyone!”  “Fear this person or group!” “Protect your stuff and your life!” “You’ve been wronged!” “You can have it all!” “Don’t worry about anyone else – take care of yourself!” “Following God’s ways don’t work!” “Power and money are more important – they make the world go round – focus on getting those!”  “You’ll live for ever!”  What a load of crap.  Wake us up Lord from these messages of despair – from messages that lead no-where.  You are a God of Good News.  You keep proclaiming it to us.  Help us to see it, hear it, know it.  We are dense.  Forgive us when we dismiss your Good News.  We are broken.  And we need your Good News in our lives, in our nations, in our cultures, in our institutions.  We need to hear it over and over again.  Write it into us so that we can’t ignore it.  Amen.

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