Prayer for March 15

Prayer for March 15: Please pray with me.  God of Good News, you are patient.  You watch us listen to false teachers and false prophets.  Their messages sound delicious to our ears.  Yet you know that when we consume these messages, we’ll end up with nothing but heartburn and wonder why.  We’ll cry out – “Where are you God?” As if you ever abandoned us.  You keep proclaiming your Good News – sometimes softly and quietly.  But you are consistent.  Your Good News isn’t flashy.  It would never make the top 10 trends list.  And thank God for that.  Trends are here for a day and gone tomorrow, only to be replaced by the next trend.  But you and your Good News go far beyond trends.  Keep proclaiming your Good News to us.  We need to hear it.  Open us to respond to it.  To embrace it.  To be embraced by it.  To share it with others.  To let it work through us and in us and change us.  Amen.

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