Prayer for March 18

Prayer for March 18: Please pray with me.  God of resurrection, oh how we fear death.  We fear death so much that we are even afraid to live fully.  We hide from death.  We distract ourselves from it.  We refuse to call it by name.  We fear looking at it, smelling it.  We want nothing to do with it.  And because of this – it has power over us.  We make decisions in order to avoid death.  Yet, no one has ever avoided death – only put it off a little bit.  Blessed is the one who can look at death in the face and yet goes on with life.  Why do we fear death, O Lord?  Is it because deep down we truly believe that death is the end?  Do we really think that you are full of it when you promise resurrection?  You are a God of life.  Yet, why do we struggle to believe you?  Why do we believe death, but not you?  Turn us to you Lord.  Open us to be embraced by you and your promise of life and new life.  Open us to know that we cannot experience resurrection without going through death. Open our ears to hear that death does not have the final say.  You do.  And you say that death is only a stop on the way – the way to resurrection, to new life.  Amen.

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