Prayer for October 2, 2019

Prayer for October 2, 2019: Please pray with me.  God of faith.  God of belief.  God of trust.  You are a God who gives us much.  We use words to describe you and what you are like, but these words are lacking and often misunderstood.  You are the Word.  Through your Word, all of creation came into being.  Through your word, people were set free from captivity and healed from sickness.  Through your word, empires were brought low and the lowly were raised up.  Through your word, you bring comfort for the afflicted and affliction to the comfortable.  We have much to learn still.  And most importantly, we hear in your Word that you love us, that you grant us mercy and grace, and that you forgive and reconcile us to you.  Thank you. Amen.

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