Prayer for October 11, 2019

Prayer for October 11: Please pray with me.  God who rules creation, what are we to say?  Empires have a long history in humanity.  Empires contend with you Holy God.  Empires try to take your place.  Empires exploit, oppress, kill, and destroy.  Empires, and their rulers, see themselves as gods.  You are a God who judges empires.  You bring empires to an end.  You set the oppressed free from empires.  You end exploitation of empires.  You stop the killing of empires.  You end the destruction of empires.  You are a God who creates and heals.  Embrace us in your kingdom and put a stop to empires in our world – whether those empires are military in nature, or cultural, or addictive, or show up in other ways.  End the empires in our world.  Amen.

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