Prayer for October 17, 2019

Prayer for October 17: Please pray with me.  God of wonder, you are a mystery to us.  Yet you make yourself known to us in many ways.  We believe we are striving to find you, but in reality, all we are doing is running around thinking you are lost and that we have to find you.  But you are not lost – we are.  And you have us within your embrace.  Yet, we flail around thinking we are drowning.  But you surround us in a bath of love and mercy.  Our perception is often tainted, much like a person who is color-blind and how they see the colors of the world.  Scripture tells us repeatedly how you pursue us and come after us.  Yet we keep running away, thinking that we are running to you.  But we cannot escape you.  You are.  You have been.  You will be.  Everywhere.  Amen.

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