Prayer for October 23, 2019

Prayer for October 23: Please pray with me.  God of life, you give us the breath of life.  You inspire us by breathing your very spirit into us.  You give us discernment to see clearly what is from you and what is not.  Clear our eyes so that we can see clearly.  Open our ears so that we can hear your word clearly.  Soften our hearts so what we can receive your grace and mercy.  Open our arms so that we can be embraced.  Do all this so that we can then go and see our neighbor and serve.  So that we can speak your Good News to those around us.  So we can be merciful.  So we can embrace others with love.  Do all this and more in us, so that we may be faithful followers of you, not only made in your image, but doing what you call us to do.  Amen.

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