Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 3

Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 3
Read Luke 3. Commentary – This chapter starts with the names of important figures who are in charge and in power. It is a long list. It then shifts to John the Baptist, who proclaims a message of Good News from God. Not Good News of Rome or the empire, but of God. Not of Good News from any of the power figures just listed, but of God. The chapter ends with a long listing of other men – Jesus’ ancestors, which trace his heritage to King David and to God. It’s a holy bait and switch.
Let us pray. Oh Holy One, you upset the established order of humanity. We think we are in charge, but you send prophets who sound like mad people to declare that your kingdom is at hand and is near. And that a new order is being established. An order that has been in the making since the beginning. It’s not that the Kingdom of God is new. Rather, it’s been unfolding since the beginning of creation. The orders that we establish are the new ones that conflict with your ways. Forgive us and turn us to align our ways with your ways.
Today I pray for all elected officials in federal, state, and municipal governments. Give them wisdom to move policies that are in alignment with your kingdom and your ways. Let them act with justice for the poor and outcast. You know what I need in order to look at these officials through a lens of Christ, oh Lord. Dispel any cynicism I have. Help me to pray for these officials in a way that sees their humanity and at the same time prays that they may act with justice. Amen.

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