Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 4

Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 4.

Read Luke 4.  Commentary – Luke 4 is full of conflict.  The Devil tempts Jesus, Jesus is run out of his hometown due to his sermon, he confronts demons possessing people and sickness.  And through it all, Jesus proclaims the Good News of God through his words and his actions.  He brings good news to the poor, release to those who are captive, recovery of sight to the blind, and letting the oppressed go free.  In what ways does this still happen in our world today.  The poor still need good news.  Those that are captive to many things need released.  Those that are blind to many things need to have their eyes cleared.  And those that are oppressed by unjust systems need to be freed.

Let us pray.  God of Good News, thank you.  You give us your Good News.  It is very much needed these days.  But that is nothing new.  The names and faces of the poor, the captive, the blind, and the oppressed change over time.  The same is true of those who keep the poor in poverty, who hold others captive, who blind people from the truth, and who oppress others.  We look around us for your Good News.

Today I pray for those who adhere to ideas and beliefs that prevent good news going to the poor, that prevent release to the captive, that keep people blind to the truth, and who continue to oppress.  Soften their hearts Lord.  And open my eyes to see the humanity and fragility of those who do these things.  Help me to see how these individuals are broken and do these things as a form of self-defense, a diversion from their own brokenness.  Help me to be a healer of this brokenness, if it be your will.  Give me the words.  Put me in the places where those that carry out these actions might encounter Jesus through me.  Most of all, give me peace in my heart when I think of these people.  For without peace, I am no better that those that oppress, that blind people, that hold others captive, and that give bad news to the poor.  Amen.

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