Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 5

Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 5.

Read Luke 5.  Commentary – Luke chapter 5 if full of random stories. But they aren’t so random after all.  They are stories of Jesus bringing Good News to the poor and the outcast.  They are stories that put Jesus in conflict with those who would keep the poor and outcast as they are.  They are stories of those in charge wanting to maintain the status quo and their positions and rank.  But Jesus has other plans.  He has the Kingdom of God to unveil.  And Good News to be shared with those who are not heard, who are oppressed, who are held captive.

Let us pray.  God of Good News, you come to us and upset the status quo.  You upset our established orders and ways.  You bring healing.  You offer abundance.  You call unlikely people.  In other words, you overturn systems designed to keep people down.  Thank you.

Today I pray for all those who try to keep the poor in poverty, the sick from health, the outcast as outsider.  There are people who push and defend policies and systems to maintain the status quo.  Too often these folks don’t see the poor, the sick, or the outcast as real people.  Too often, they are just abstract ideas.  Soften their hearts to know that there are people who are hurting because of these policies and systems.  Open them to knowing that to follow you means to implement policies and systems that pull the poor out of poverty, that bring wellness to the sick, and that bring the outcast in.  And work within me also so that I do not spend my time judging these maintainers of the status quo.  Instead, guide me in ways that I might offer a voice to those in positions of power on behalf of those whose voice is ignored and silenced.  Amen.

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