Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 6

Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 6

Read Luke 6.  Commentary – Wow, what a chapter!  Blessings and woes throughout the chapter.  Blessings for those who the world proclaims don’t deserve it.  Woes to those who the world thinks should be blessed.  I saw an article about the man charged with a homelessness commission who believed that handing out free food to the homeless was enabling.  I wonder if he ever read Luke 6?  But maybe the highlight of the chapter happens at the end of the chapter when Jesus is quoted as saying “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I tell you?”  In other words, to really be a follower of Jesus, we are supposed to hear what Jesus says and act on it.

Let us pray.  God of blessings and woes, you do what the world doesn’t expect.  Over and over again, you bless those who the world finds worthless.  You heal those who the world finds to be void of value.  You welcome those that the world fears.  You surround yourself with those the world pushes away.  And you expect that your followers will do the same thing.  Blessed are those who hang out with the poor, the outcast, the stranger, the foreigner, the sick, etc.  Blessed are those who give away food, money, time, and compassion.  Blessed are those who are foolish enough to believe that the brokenness of this world is not the way it is supposed to be and that it is supposed to be different – and then do something about that.

Today I pray for those who call Jesus “Lord, Lord,” and do not follow what Jesus calls on them to do.  I don’t understand how a person can claim the name of Christ and then reject what Jesus teaches about the poor and hungry, the stranger, the sick, and the outcast.  I don’t understand how a person can claim to be a follower of Jesus and then support policies that blame the poor, that keep the poor in poverty, that set the poor against other poor.  I don’t understand.  I may never understand.  I’m not sure I really want to understand.  Instead open me to seeing the fear and privilege of those who support these policies in a new way.  Open me to seeing their fear so that I may be an instrument of peace.  Open me to discerning new ways of empowering those experiencing poverty.  Open me to offering healing to those who bring hurt to the poor, the outcast, the stranger, and the foreigner.  Let your kingdom come, Lord.  Amen.

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