Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 7

Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 7

Read Luke 7.  Commentary – Outsiders and outcasts dominate this chapter.  A Roman Centurion of great faith and a women of questionable background, also of great faith.  And in the middle of it all, John the Baptist (or at least his followers) make an appearance.  And through it all, it is the religious class who doubts Jesus – the ones who should know better.

Let us pray.  God of the outsider, you widen the circle of who is considered “in.”  That’s because your kingdom is unlike any earthly kingdom or nation.  Instead of figuring out ways to keep people out, like the nations of the world, your kingdom is always seeking ways to draw more people in.  Open our hearts to this welcome, knowing that you have done this for us as well.  Open us to seeing that this isn’t just for us.  It is for all peoples.

Today I pray for those who promote and support policies, rule, regulations, and ideas that shut people out, turn people away, demonize “others,” and dehumanize those who aren’t from here.  I pray that supporters of these things never have to experience the shutting out that they promote.  Forgive me when I get angry at such behavior and ideas and want to do unto others as they do to “others.”  As these people reject and push away “others” help me to find ways to draw these people in to community.  Let us build community together in spite of efforts and hardened hearts that seek to wall off people who are not “one of us.”  There is no them.  There is only us.  Amen.

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